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I started my career at Advantage Credit International. They were the largest privately-owned, mortgage credit reporting agency in the world.  While working there, I worked on over a 100,000 credit reports, traveled nationally to mortgage tradeshows, and gave credit seminars.  In 2008, the mortgage industry all but crashed.  I had to leave Advantage Credit and start anew at Navy Federal Credit Union.

While at Navy Federal, I honed my skill in taking both consumer and mortgage applications from our members.  I was promoted to Consumer Underwriter where I approved and denied loan applications. I had the same loan authority as a supervisor in my position as a Consumer Underwriter.  I moved up to my new career as a Mortgage Underwriter.  As a Mortgage Underwriter, I approved and denied mortgage loans.  Mortgage Underwriters review and verify income, credit reports and appraisals.  A mortgage underwriter is as high as you can get in the mortgage industry, but it did not allow for me to be in contact and help our members face to face.

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